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Customer Stories

Bart was comfortably middle-aged and had made it to that point in life without ever owning a suit. “My buddy is getting married” he admitted was the reason for the change in his style as he handed over the simple, yet classy suit he had picked up at a second-hand store. “Let’s make me look good,” he requested with a wink. With just a few adjustments—the pants were hemmed, the sleeves and shoulder of the jacket adjusted—the suit was ready. When Bart returned to pick it up, he disappeared into the changing room in his shorts, t-shirt and biker’s bandana with flames. He emerged looking like an entirely different person, complete with a perfectly-fitted suit, tie and French cuffs with links. He looked at himself in the mirror and could see just how different and how good he looked. After a minute, he asked, "When did the lawyer get here?" with a laugh and silently vowed to dress up a little more often.

Claire walked into the shop nearly in tears. “Do you remember me?” she asked, “You did a few of my dresses for my high school dances.” She looked hopeful. Her wedding was a month away and she had been exercising and watching her diet; she wanted to look her best on the big day. “But my dress doesn’t fit any more,” she explained. “The alterations people at the boutique where I bought it said they can’t fit me in for another alteration. Can you help me?!” she pleaded. One month is more than enough time to alter a wedding gown, in fact two weeks is even feasible. Claire leapt with joy, the wedding-gown-melt-down was avoided, and began her measurements for her alterations. Ten days later Claire picked up her finished gown and brought along with her several bridesmaid and their dresses for alternations as well. “This is perfect. Thank you so much,” she gushed.

Sari was a self-proclaimed hipster. She enjoyed Broad Ripple for all of it’s vintage shops and the treasures that hid within. Clothes from another time had a unique look and feel to them, a quality that was hard to find. But the process only started the moment she found a great new piece. Then she was on to making it her own. “Look what I found!” she announced when she walked in the shop with her latest purchase, a stunning opera coat, in her hand. It was full-length and made of velvet, had wide, billowy sleeves and intricate pearl detailing. “I’ve got some ideas,” she said and explained her plans for the coat. She wanted it taken up to three-quarters length, the sleeves and shoulders narrowed, and center seams put it to take out some of the bulk and create a more fitted look. She got all of that and a one-of-a-kind, custom-tailored, timeless and incredibly beautiful coat that she treasured.

Jacob was an average kid, and just a little more interested in history than the next student. He fell in love with the shop the first time his mom brought him in to have back-to-school alterations on his uniforms when he started kindergarten. They were back every August—Jacob grew like a weed—as well as several times over the course of each year. “It’s like a museum in here, only better, because you can touch things and try them on!” he would say. And touch and try on he did, every chance he got. When he was in fifth grade and studied colonial history he even rented a full costume from the shop to wear proudly during his class presentation. Then one day Jacob and his mom came into the shop. “We’re moving” she said " to New York. Jacob wanted to come here one last time before we left," so that is what they did. As usually he played with the historical clothing and thoroughly enjoyed his own kind of history museum.

Captain Scott wanted his unit to look good. They had all just gotten new uniforms and needed their patches, chevrons and awards, which were unique to each person, sewn on. A budget-conscious leader, Scott was shopping around and price comparing. “I need a fair price that comes with exceptional and precise work,” he explained. “This unit deserves to look sharp, I need to get them fixed up right.” They had been through a lot together and were ready for more. Over the next month, each person from Scott’s unit came in, one by one, with their uniforms and their patches. Each told stories from their time in the military, what their unit meant to them and their plans for the future. Each left with their customized uniform with work that was exceptional, precise and fair. And while those uniforms only told part of their stories, they did certainly look sharp.

“I’m just going to admit it,” Janet said the moment she walked in. “This is a disaster.” She went on to explain that her mother used to do her alterations, but that her arthritis had progressed to a point where this wasn’t an option any more. “So then I went to this alterations place in the strip mall next to where I work” she continued. The alterations done there were just not right. “I tried the dress on and showed the lady what the problem was,” Janet shared. “She yelled at me. Can you believe that?” Then Janet took matters into her own hands and sat down at her own sewing machine. How hard could it be? She held up the mangled mess. “So that's how it got like this. But I hear you are good. Can you fix it?” The dress was deconstructed and reconstructed and altered to a perfect fit. In the end the good dress gone wrong was saved and Janet was happy.



  • If you want good period clothes, go see Mike. He is well versed in clothing and uniforms from the 1700s and 1800s, and if he doesn't know an answer, he has the resources to get the information quickly.

    Doug B,
  • Over the years Mike has made several custom fit, hand-made items for me. My favorite is a 1780's style gown that I am very, very happy with and receive many compliments on.

    Suzanne L,
  • When I put on one of the two suits that Mike made for me, people immediately see me as Dr. Benjamin Franklin!  He uses good material, his work is well done, it fits well, is historically correct, and his prices are excellent.

    Frank W,
  • Michael provides old-world attention, craftsmanship and service to everything he does.  Whether it’s a Colonial waistcoat or a Brooks Brothers suit jacket, he's my go-to man for alterations and repairs!

    Mike L,
  • Mike can make almost anything!

    James R,
  • Great customer service!!

    Brian M,
  • Thank you for going above and beyond on my bridesmaid dress! It turned out beautiful and was the perfect fit for the wedding.

    Amber C,
  • I use Smoking Iron for my military uniforms when I need insignia sown on.  I will certainly go back and encourage other servicemen to as well.

    Nolan R,
  • Mike was very friendly and his work is done very fast and with great quality. I will definitely be back!!!

    Phillip H,
  • Mike has helped me with a number of different items. He is fantastic!  He is very nice, affordable and does good work.

    Lucia A,
  • Mike did a GREAT job! I've recommended him to many friends and they have all raved about the work he did for them.

    Teddy H,