Basic Alterations

  • Pant & Skirt Hems
  • Sleeve Legnth
  • Waist In/Out
  • Pant & Shirt Cuffs
  • School Uniforms

Complex Alterations

  • Suits
  • Formal Dresses
  • Wedding Gowns
  • Updating a Garment
  • Restructuring/Refitting Garments


  • Zippers, Buttons & Snaps
  • Rips/Tears
  • Replacing Elastic
  • Seam Failure & Pockets
  • Fixing Faulty Repair

Patches & Leather

  • Military Patches
  • Scout Patches
  • Leather Jacket Patches
  • Letterman Jackets
  • Leather Repairs & Alterations



You’re Unique: Everybody and every body is unique. We know this and know your clothing needs to fit you uniquely as well.  Since finding clothing that fits off the rack is a challenge, we offer alterations for men, women and children so that you can achieve the perfect fit.  You’ll be looking good and felling comfortable in your clothes in no time.

Little Tweaks: We can make many simple adjustments to any of your clothing, from casual to business to formal.  These include adjusting the length of pants, skirts, dresses, shirts or sleeves; taking in or letting out pant or skirt waists, and adjusting collars; adding or removing cuffs on shirts or pants; and more!

Everything Changes: Let’s be honest, no one stays the same size or shape their whole life.  Fashion trends come and go, too.  Even with all these things changing, you don't have to ditch your duds.  We can alter your current clothing to upgrade it or change its fashion, like narrowing the shoulders, sleeves, collar or lapel; changing the length of a coat or dress; or adding center seams to reduce the bulk of a garment.  It's affordable and it's green.

Most alterations can be ready for pick up in a week.  If you need it sooner, just ask!



Keep Your Favorites in Working Order: Finding the perfect article of clothing can be difficult, so it’s no wonder our favorite garments get a lot of mileage.  But this also means they can experience wear and tear that leads to damage.  Whether it be broken zippers, missing buttons, ripped seams, elastic that has lost its stretch, town or worn cloth, or hems that have fallen out, most items can be repaired instead of replaced.

Accessories, too: We do repair any type of clothing, but don’t forget about your accessories.  We can replace that zipper on your son’s backpack, fix the worn seam on your trusty purse, or repair the best belt you’ve ever had.

Repairing Repairs: If you’ve gotten some bad alterations or repairs in the past, trust us to right the wrong.  Most mistakes can be fixed, so don’t throw in the towel just because Aunt Mildred butchered your dress.

Hold it!: One of the most common repairs we see is cuffs/hems of pants that have fallen out.  Before you reach for the safety pin, the stapler, or for heaven’s sake, some bubble gum, come see us first.  Most of the time, we can have your repairs done in a week, or sooner if needed.

Smoking Iron Alterations ProductPatches & Leather

Patches: Whether it be your child’s scout uniform or a military or other professional uniform, we can easily and quickly apply any kind of patches, chevrons and/or awards you might desire.

Leather: Leather can be a tough material to work with, but we like a challenge. We are happy to repair or alter your leather garments and can also make adjustments to leather accessories, like belts and purses.  Additionally, we affix patches to leather jackets, coats and vests or add the ever-trendy leather patches to the elbows of your tweed jacket.

Like alterations and repairs, we can generally have leather and patchwork ready for pickup in one week and can accommodate quick turn around requests.